Explore how Anipal is making a difference

Exploring Insect & Seaweed Protein in Pet Nutrition

Dr Steph Stubbe deep dives into more sustainable pet food alternatives, and the degree of impact they can make as the population of pets continues to increase. Listen on Sustainable...

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The Mighty Fly Army

Anipal's founder Dr Steph Stubbe talks about the benefits of insect protein and how she began making nutritious and environmentally friendly dog treats. Listen now.

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Victorian Country Hour

Anipal's founder Dr Steph Stubbe talks to ABC Victorian Country Hour about the future of pet food. Discussing why she came up with a dog food that is made from...

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Anipal's Focus on Sustainable Pet Products

Dr Steph Stubbe talks to Tom from Pet Industry News about why she's created an eco-friendly pet company. They discuss why Anipal uses recycled plastics for tethering and alternative proteins...

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Sustainability and the Environment

Listen to Vet Chat's May episode that touches on sustainability and the environment in veterinary medicine today with Dr. Stephanie Stubbe.Dr Steph Stubbe is an RSPCA veterinarian and founder of...

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