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Ways to entertain your dog on rainy days

As the Winter months set in, bringing rain, wind, and cold temperatures, it can be harder to rug up and get outside to take our dogs for a walk.

Below are some ideas to help you make this a bit easier and enjoyable for you and your dog!

1. Invest in a good quality rain proof jacket, and umbrella (for you)

Most dogs, whether it’s rain, hail, sun, or snow tend to love going outside to explore the world with their noses. If you have one of those pups, then a good quality rainproof jacket and umbrella are essential. Once you are both out of your walk, you’ll love it nearly as much as your excited pup! If your dog is ‘on edge’ due to the weather, consider Anipal Calm Dental Sticks for Anxious Dogs.

2. Play hide and seek

For dogs who don’t enjoy the rain or bad weather, there is plenty of things at home that can keep them busy and excited. One favourite that most dogs love is hide and seek. 

If you’ve mustered ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ you’re ready to go.

‘Sit’ or ‘lie down’ and then go and find fun spots for your dog to find the treats! These can be underneath the corner or edge of a rug, in a pot plant, in a drawer that’s left open, behind a cushion, under a blanket – just to name a few! 

3. Play tug-of-war
Playing games with your dogs can be just as rewarding as giving them a treat. In fact, service dogs when in training are often given 5-10 seconds of a quick tug of war as reward for positive training. Most dogs love this game. We recommend getting a good strong doggy friendly rope. Your dog will the love playing with you and will burn some of their excited energy.

4. Puzzle toys and treat dispensers

Engage your dog's mind by offering puzzle toys and treat dispensers. These interactive toys require problem-solving skills to access hidden treats. Not only do they keep your dog entertained, but they also provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom. Look for toys that are designed specifically for dogs and vary in difficulty to challenge your pup's cognitive abilities.

5. Interactive training sessions
Rainy days provide an excellent opportunity for training sessions with your dog. Teach them new tricks, practice obedience commands, or work on advanced training techniques. Training not only mentally stimulates your dog but also strengthens the bond between you and reinforces good behavior. Use positive reinforcement methods and reward your dog with treats, verbal praise, or playtime try Anipal Learn + Respond Doggie Treats to boost memory, learning and trainability support.

6. Enrichment toys and frozen treats

Enrichment toys, such as stuffed kongs or treat-dispensing balls, can keep your dog occupied for extended periods. Fill them with treats, peanut butter, or frozen goodies to make the activity even more enticing. Frozen treats can also provide relief during warm rainy days. Be mindful of the ingredients you use and consult with your veterinarian to ensure they are safe for your dog.

Rainy days don't have to be dull for your dog. With these friendly and veterinarian backed ideas, you can keep your canine companion entertained, mentally stimulated, and physically active indoors.

Always read the label. Intended for occasional or supplemental feeding. For further advice or directions, contact your veterinarian or animal health professional. For animal consumption only.


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