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Threatened Species Wildlife Projects

At Anipal we are wild about all animals - furry, scaly, slimy, big, tiny, poisonous, cuddly - you name it, we probably love it! But the reality for most creatures these days is that humanity has far reaching impacts on eco-systems and habitats that they depend on.

Sales Support Our Threatened Species Projects

A portion of every sale funds our very own wildlife protection projects. We are extremely grateful to each and every Anipal customer for making this dream a reality. After all, Anipal was founded so we could have a positive impact in the pet and vet space.


Sugar & Squirrel Gliders of the Riverina

The banks of the Murry River in Riverina, New South Wales, are home to a declining population of Sugar and Squirrel Gliders.

Squirrel Gliders, with their long bushy tails and membrane of skin stretching between their front and hind legs, can be spotted across eastern Australia. Sadly, the Squirrel Glider is listed as: vulnerable in NSW, threatened in Victoria, endangered in South Australia and common in Queensland. A primary threat to these furry creatures is the extensive land clearing which has lead to a reduction in suitable trees with hollows for nesting and feeding.

Similar to the Squirrel Glider, the Sugar Glider is found in northern and eastern Australia. Most active at night, the membrane that extends between their front and hind legs enables over 50m of flight between trees. Groups of up to seven adults and their young may form a clan and share a hollow nest.
Many native species, including these gliders, require tree hollows for shelter which can take over 100 years to develop hollows. To support gliders and smaller, rarer, less dominant native species we are building and installing nesting boxes in a number of locations in the Riverena. A few pictures of our boxes are shown below. We are also in the process of getting some live feeds installed which help various organisations with monitoring - an important part of improving the population health of threatened species.

Turtles on the Murry

Another key project our sales support endeavours to protect the large decline in population of the turtle species on the Murry River, New South Wales - including the short-necked turtle, eastern long-necked turtle and broad-shelled turtle.

We are part of La Trobe's study exploring the feasibility of 'floating Islands' and whether they help the species through improved and protected habitats for nesting and feeding. We are also trialing placement of mesh over turtle nesting sites as a means of protection from foxes looking to feed on turtle eggs.

Other Projects On The Horizon

We are always on the lookout for projects that improve the wellbeing of Australia's threatened species. We are in the process of joining the 'Land for Wildlife' scheme in New South Wales, which will help develop the programs for our existing projects. We are also looking forward to supporting Odonata, a fantastic foundation with an initiative that helps farmers develop their property into sanctuaries for threatened wildlife. A worthwhile cause that seeks to overcome some of the damaging effects that farming has historically had on eco-systems.

Thanks for being part of Anipal's mission to help the vulnerable creatures of Australia.


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