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The Low Down on Organic Australian Native Seaweed and Insect Protein.

Fortunately, this month I had the opportunity to present to Vets for Climate Action. This is the Australian veterinary community’s voice to help strengthen the climate movement in a broader context, to better protect animals and the changing environment.

The vet community is on the front line when it comes to seeing animals affected by climate change and pollution. We frequently get animals brought into clinics suffering from heat stroke during summer, displaced from storms or fires, or brought in suffering from other pollution effects, just to name a few.

All of this is to stay, the vet profession is very motivated to be part of preventing the climate crisis and hopefully seeing less animals suffer.

Anipal was founded with this mission in mind. We are doing this through driving the industry forward in using novel and environmentally friendly proteins, which are hypoallergenic and highly digestible. These include organic Australian native seaweed and insect protein.

Below are some interesting facts on each!

Native Australian Seaweed Facts

  • We work with Australia’s only human grade seaweed farmer. Each kg of seaweed has captured 1.5kg of carbon dioxide.
  • 50 x more seaweed can be produced in a hectare than wheat and 10 x more protein per hectare than cattle!
  • The whole seaweed contains:
    • 40% complete protein, how which the component we add is 60% complete protein
    • Naturally occurring vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids, including omega 3, bioavailable iron, magnesium and B12
    • Seaweed is the king of fiber with sulphated glycans proven to help improve the microbiome  

To learn more about the seaweed farm, you can watch this video.

Black Soldier Fly Insect Protein Facts

  • BSF require 98% less land and 96% less water and less energy than livestock
  • BSF use food waste as their food source!
  • Insects are 15-25 times more efficient than cattle in converting their feed to produce the same amount of protein,
  • BSF larva contain:
    • Are just as nutritious as chicken or cod with up to 50% complete protein
    • Are a rich source of essential fatty acids
    • High in vitamins and minerals including calcium, zinc and phosphorus

To watch more about our grower of BSF you can watch this video.


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