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Meet Clancy and the Anipal Crew

At Anipal we are wild about Aussie animals, in all shapes and sizes. But sadly with declining habitats and increasing pollution, nearly one third of Australia's mammals are at risk of extinction. Our collar and leash range are designed to celebrate and raise awareness of Australia's many threatened species.

Proceeds for Protection

Sales from our collars and leashes help fund our habitat regeneration and wildlife protection projects. Currently we have two projects on the go which you can check out in here.


Clancy the Black Cockatoo

If you look up you’ll find him perched in a local Eucalypt. He will be snacking on seeds, surveying his surroundings and calling his companions, chanting Whee-la. Listen carefully for their calls, as their choir is getting slowly smaller.


Glossy Black-Cockatoos, like Clancy, are found in eastern Australia, screeching their way from south-eastern Queensland to eastern Victoria, with a few outliers on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Glossy black-cockatoos are mad for Casuarina seeds, consuming around 60-89 thousand casuarina cones a year. Sadly, clearing land for farming and the more violent and frequent bushfires Australia is experiencing results in extensive habitat loss, impacting their ability to feed and breed.

Piper the Platypus

Piper the Platypus is an iconic species of Australia. Our one and only aquatic monotreme, Piper is an exceptional swimmer. She has a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver and is quite a spectacle to see, if you can spot her. Piper is shy and, sadly, her species are susceptible to pollution in the waterways. Let’s clean up our act for Piper!

Billie the Bilby

Billie the Bilby is the Australian bearer of Easter goodies! The bilby, one of our best-known marsupials is a crucial ecosystem engineer. Billie the busy Bilby likes to construct complex tunnels as a home for her family and other families of Australian native species. You’ll find her in the Bungle Bungle range in the Kimberley but you’ll have to look closely - as there are not many left.

Kylo the Koala

Kylo the Koala Collar and Leash celebrates our Australian treasure. Resilient and wise, Kylo the Koala scouts out Manna Gum trees to feast and rest. Kylo is recovering from the recent Australian bushfires which devastated her species and home. With our help, she will fight on.


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