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Giving Waste A Second Life

The threatened species collar and leash range are a load of rubbish. Literally!

To date, AniPal has recycled and provided a second life to over 100,000 plastic bottles. Each collar and lead incorporates recycled plastic in replace of virgin plastic. The result? Each product uses 86% less water, 70% less energy and 75% less CO2 emissions. That's pretty wild!


A Wasteful Problem

At AniPal, we care about the impacts waste has on all of earth's creatures. The facts are alarming:

  • More than 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone
  • 1 in 3 marine mammal species get found entangled in litter
  • 130,000 tonnes of plastic is dumped into Australia's oceans every year

The far reaching and devastating impacts that plastic has on land creatures is harder to measure. AniPal's founder, Steph, was shocked to see the number of wildlife patients suffering terrible injuries as a consequence of human pollution that she treated while working as an RSPCA vet.

As a counter to these issues, AniPal started out providing waste plastic materials a second life as beautiful recycled pet products which celebrate Australia's threatened species. This initiative reduces the amount of virgin plastics that can end up in animal habitats.

AniPal works with a company in Southeast Asia which redirects waste from some of the most heavily impacted regions.


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