Our Story

AniPal was founded after Steph Stubbe started working as a young RSPCA Veterinarian. She was shocked to see the number of wildlife patients suffering terrible injuries as a consequence of human pollution. Those heartbreaking and preventable cases helped Steph realise that, today, working effectively with animals requires both proactive action as well as reactive treatment. At AniPal we act proudly to help clean natural habitats by removing waste and giving useful materials a second life as beautiful recycled and sustainable pet products. Our mission is to lead by example and inspire the veterinary and broader animal industries to adopt proactive, sustainable practices which cleanse our environment for the benefit of all our AniPals.

We were lucky to recently be featured by the ABCThe Veterinarian Magazine & Small Animal TalksCheck out the ABC article here.


A huge thank you to photographer Gabrielle Connole for the stunning photos used throughout the site.

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